Poco 라이브러리 설치하기 (윈도우 비주얼 스튜디오)

1. Download POCO C++ libraries ( http://pocoproject.org/download/index.html )

2. Extract(eg: extract to C:\poco-1.4.6)

3. Find appropriate solution file and build.

build_vs71.cmd ==> Visual Studio .NET 2003 

build_vs80.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2005 

build_vs90.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2008 

build_vs100.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2010 

build_vs110.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2012 

For more info about visual studio versions

For example, if you want to use poco lib in Visual Studio 2005 Project, you need to build with build_vs80.cmd.Once you have built successfully, you can see all poco static lib in {POCO Folder}\lib. (eg: C:\poco-1.4.6\lib)

4. Create new project in visual studio and add header path to Project->Properties->C/C++-> Additional Include Directories(eg: If you want to use     POCO Foundation, add "C:\poco-1.4.6\Foundation\include")

5. Add POCO lib path to Project->Properties-> Linker-> General-> Additional Library Directories. (eg: C:\poco-1.4.6\lib)

6. Add POCO lib files names to Project->Properties->Linker->Input-> Additional Dependencies (eg: PocoNetd.lib )

Now you can start using POCO libraries in your project.

하고 x64 의 경우 

C:\poco-1.x.x\bin 의 DLL 들을  C:\Windows\SysWOW64  에 복사한다.

dll 들이나 , 각종 헤더파일을 골라 내려면 아래의 유틸이 유용하다.


를 위의 5번 단계에서 사용이 가능하다.

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